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Upon This Dawning

Photo taken from tumblr. Click for link.

My boyfriend who was sneaking up on me while I was working on my online job blurted out, “Iba pa pala yung engagement ring sa wedding ring?!”  Translation: An engagement is different from a wedding ring?!

Boys. Or err, men. *Me shaking my head along with the tsk*

See, I was working on a brand description of a US jewelry store when he blurted out this question. Well, it’s not my first time that a member of the male species was brought to a surprise when the thought of the two said rings being different dawned on them. I had male office mates who were also surprised at this discovery.

I thought with all his snooping of my internet activities (when he’s on the break from Yahoo!Sports news), he’s been very well aware that there are always three rings on wedding videos. Three! Not two. One engagement ring and two wedding rings! I guess he was not paying attention when I do watch Mayad wedding videos. He dislikes those stuff.

Anyhow, I was glad he knew it without me telling him. I wouldn’t want to recycle an engagement ring to be my wedding ring in the near future.


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