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A Thousand


A thousand books to read,
the immortal classics,
how  society behaves on different stimuli feed
and the unending attempts of novels in defining love.

A thousand places to go see,
where Oscar Wilde grew,
where waves dance in the Caribbean Sea,
and where dust from the iconics were left on Abbey Road.

A thousand tastes to let linger,
of which honeybees made,
meat bursting with sapid ginger,
and velvety cupcakes I wouldn’t be too happy to fork through.

A thousand thoughts to write,
of what-if love stories,
silvering the mundane and the trite,
just stroking out the heart pulses on pads or paper.

A thousand reasons to skip sleep,
for the world is simply brimming
and start ups keep being nipped.
Oh, how sweet it would be if we could just do more.

*Written for the Magpie Tales

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A Lover’s Salty Plee

La Jument, photo by Jean Guichard

The last memory I had was being on a boat sailing on a lovely canal,

with Christmas lights wrapped around the wooden rows.

I had to securely tape the power supply I made specially for this night.

I owe you one. I owe you this. You and me, just letting things be. 

The next thing I knew is that we’re in the middle of this angry ocean,

beating us like we spilled oil in one of its waters.

No boat was anchored meters away.

No airplanes that I hear of. How did we get here, my love?

If not for this rocky fortress, I would assume we were doomed —

Lungs filled with saltwater, our struggles we would eternally curse.

Remember though that for as long as we breathe the same salty air,

No wave is a maverick — ’cause we’d surf over them.

Tomorrow might be a nightmare. A future with a sink hole.

A Yolanda fiercer than ever. An oceanic beast.

Invincible, we may not be, but let our love shine to the Almighty

that He’ll calm all storms and let us be in paradise.

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Here Comes Your Man

It’s raining and I’m working. I am so uncool. Please remind me to do this to him as soon as I see him. I haven’t seen him for weeks and it’s driving me insane. Okay, overreacting.

For the first week, my coping mechanism was to slack off. Sleep early. On the second week, I shifted 180 degrees. I worked my ass off.

I had my Midterms exams in Financial Accounting earlier. Balanced everything. So I am quite confident. The next class was Management. For like 6 hours. And they begged our professor not to have a short quiz. Geez. It’s just a quiz, not a hurricane. Stop panicking. I wanted to know his style at least before the Midterms, but thanks to my classmates, we didn’t have the chance. It’s Midterms two weeks from now. No classes next week. Holiday.

Anyway, I have to woooork my ass off to complete 26 more wedding articles before the month ends. Help me, creative fairy godmother. Shower me with the patience to overcome it and to write effortlessly as possible.

And I am working tomorrow. On a Sunday. Again, I am so uncool.

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Turtle Net Connection, Minus You

Thank God, WordPress loaded. The turtle net connection, on top of you being not here by my side, is breaking my heart. On the contrary, not having you around boosts up my writer persona (I always write better when I’m agonizing.); and that must be a good thing. But then again, the slow internet connection kills my creativity so it’s just a tie. Victory has just eluded me.

As a renewed person who isn’t broken anymore, I have to channel my loneliness into productive things like work my ass off online, which is a little impossible now given my internet connection. So, I May just have to go fix myself and hang out in Starbucks instead with my two next bffs (after you of course) — my laptop and cellphone.

I thought I could work there. And I have to bring these two bags of our donation to Yolanda victims. I do hope they have some donation center.


My day simply sucks without you, especially now that I know that you’re hurting and you’re away from me. =(


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Dead Butterflies in My Stomach

I woke up today to a bad news. When I heard my boyfriend sob over the phone, I knew what was wrong. The man has died. His father. Curse cancer cells. But, that’s just his way of saying goodbye to life. Hard. Frustrating. Torturous. And pretty expensive. No one deserves that, but He knows why such things happen.

I kind of knew this day would come. And I know he did too. Tito was a strong man until the second set of chemotherapy. I mean, he can still travel for long hours. He can still walk around the city. He can still do his job at home (he’s a baranggay captain). He still communicates with his sons. He joins in the celebrations — the 1st birthday of her first granddaughter. I didn’t really see him get weak and bedridden.

I was aloof of talking to him on our first few encounters, but as the encounters slowly frequented, he began talking to me. He would ask me to come eat. He would say goodbye whenever we would part ways. He would tell me to eat some siopao while my boyfriend was roaming around the mall with his uncle while we (his dad, sister-in-law and the 4 cute kids) wait for them. I did ate one siopao. I thought and hoped that I could have another dad in him (yeah, I know, I am assuming we’re not yet married) even though I know his situation. I kind of missed my dad. He died too ten years ago, a few weeks after I turned 16 and a few days I became a member of the Youth for Christ.


I called in sick just to be with my boyfriend today. I felt sick inside. I wouldn’t want him to be alone because being alone with lonely thoughts would drive people mad. And I don’t want a mad boyfriend. I mentally reminded myself not to ask him if he’s okay because I know that he’s not. Losing one parent is hard. Losing two is not just doubly hard. It’s like you lost your home to a typhoon. His mother died when he was sixteen too.

He has to go home to his hometown so I accompanied him to the bus terminal, but he ended up dropping me in a mall where he would take another bus because it’s already running late and I need at least 2-3 hours to go back to my apartment.

Hours back when we were still riding the first bus that we need to take, a woman, in her late 20s suddenly got up and talked about God’s word. I used to feel uncomfortable around them, but now I salute the courage and the willingness that they have just to spread God’s love. As if on cue, she talked about death. Like how we all have one life to live and that we need to see the urgency of the realization that we need to do things that would bring us closer to our Lord. It was sort of comforting and I kind of peeked on my boyfriend if he was listening, but I saw him closing his eyes. He was sleeping. When the talk ended, the lady gave out envelopes for donations to their mission. Our eyes met and I began to pull out my wallet, but he said he had some money on his pocket. My boyfriend and I usually ignore these things, but on that envelope, we actually placed something inside.

Now, he’s on the way back to his hometown and I have no idea until when he’ll be there. The idea of being away from him on his lowest moments just kind of sucked. Now, if only I was only purely working online, I could have accompanied him right then and there. But, I have work. And my Saturday classes would kind of get in the way too. But, I’ll be there with him next week. Or next next week. The days should move out fast. 😦

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Tips in Dealing with Your Internet Service Provider

Warning: Everything is ended by a sarcmark.


When the indigenous people used to have everyday problems like finding food and building huts, the now people (that’s me and you) struggle to have the fastest possible internet connection speed. When others have this unlimited opportunity for free (like when their neighbor’s wifi signal can find its way to their bedrooms), I am one of those unfortunate ones who patiently wait for their internet connection bug to be fixed.

So, while I do wait for our internet connection to be installed back to its normal state, I want to share with you some tips that I have managed to collect during my time with this certain internet service provider company, which I wish to conceal.

  1. Check your internet connection every minute of everyday. You might never know when it could get busted. You’ll end up doing two weeks of non-internet activities.
  2. Call customer support as soon as possible. While waiting, you can listen to the ring back, which announces the latest promos and raffle draws, which could take up minutes of your time.
  3. Oh and before I forget. Turn on your antenna and computer first for them to diagnose your connection concern.
  4. Your ears should be cleaned before doing the job. You have to press a lot of 1’s and 2’s before you reach human interaction on the phone. Have your reference number printed and hang it on the wall. You have to key it in several times if you call.
  5. If they can’t figure out what’s wrong, you’ll be directed to a customer representative who can surely help you with your connection problem.
  6. Carefully follow the instructions made by the representative. He or she will ask first if you’re indeed a computer literate. The sound of doubt can be tracked on his or her tone and choice of simple words.
  7. Basically, the representative will just make you connect to the network and ask you what appears on the screen. You’ll be asked to plug in the big black thing into the socket and ask if you can see a blue bubble or a big X mark on the two computers figure on lower right portion of the screen. As if they’re sure that your taskbar is in the normal, default position.
  8. Then, patiently wait for two hours. Sleep, eat and wash your clothes first.
  9. Call the customer support again. You will notice that the lively promotion ads start to irritate you. Also, upon hearing the features of their network like “download this and that at an amazing rate of 2Mbps”, you will feel like the Cheetos that you have eaten earlier want to come back to your throat. When this happens, relax. Breathe in and out.
  10. Repeat Steps 3 to 8.
  11. After a couple of days of doing this, the two hours of waiting time can change into 24 hours. Just wait. After all, they say it’s just a minor problem that can be fixed in no time.
  12. Finally, weekend has come. You can go to their wireless center and voice out your concern. Get your number from the security guard and wait for at least, an hour.
  13. Take advantage of the mall’s free wifi. Bring a laptop. You can finish an entire article before your number will be called.
  14. Now that a customer representative is listening to you, say your concern. All he or she will do is ask your reference number. If you fail to remember, you can always say the name of the account holder. After this, they will ask your contact number. They will schedule a field visit in your area.
  15. Wait for about a week for the field visit. It isn’t your fault that you have to go to work and that the only time you have for this unnecessary dealing is the weekend.
  16. Repeat Step # 2 to 8 to inquire about the field visit.
  17. Schedule the visit during your day off.
  18. Upon scheduling, if the representative said 10 AM, then expect the contractors to call you in the afternoon. If your schedule is tight and they have failed to arrived at the agreed upon time, never hesitate to leave the house when necessary.
  19. After they called you at 3 PM, you’ll tell them that they were supposed to come at 10 AM. They’ll say “Oh, wala po kasing nakalagay na time sa schedule”. Translation: “The time was not indicated when we received the schedule.” Just sigh, never allow your head to heat up.
  20. They’ll tell you they’ll come back tomorrow, Saturday. They’ll just text when they’re coming.
  21. Stay at home on a Saturday. Then, expect them to say this — Contractor: “Sorry, Ma’am, wala po kaming high ladder na dala. Balik na lang po kami bukas.” Translation: “Sorry, Ma’am, we don’t have a high ladder with us. We’ll come back tomorrow.”
  22. When these really smart contractors are calling, tell them to bring a high ladder because the canopy antenna is usually located on top of a roof, which is a little bit high. As a customer, remind them that they’ll need a ladder to climb on to.
  23. My last tip is finally the most important one. Find another internet service provider in your area.

Hope you have learned something from this. I have to give up earning online for almost a month now just because my internet connection sucks. My Paypal limitation was eliminated faster than my local internet connection problem. Tsk. And to think that this local internet connection support is geographically nearer than the Paypal support.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering what a sarcmark is. It’s a punctuation mark used to indicate sarcasm.

Originally published way back in Sat, Mar 26, 2011 in Webupon as dame016.

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Unexpected Twists + Happy People in My Life

5:24 PM, October 2nd

I messed up again today. Actually, it was a few months ago, but the realization of the fiasco just materialized before me yesterday with me, thinking all this time that it was an honest, feeble mistake that wouldn’t pose a major threat for my project, which I thought was going oh-so-smoothly I can sail through it like a swift without breaking a drop of sweat. So this brings me to a conclusion: Just when you think you got it, you actually don’t.

7:10 PM, October 2nd

Good things come to those who reads prayers on tumblr. I actually have the chance to redeem myself and finish the project in advance! I have to do it. I just have to do it. Oh yeah. The inspirations and the twist of things! You must love me oh so much, my Father.

Cheers to bosses who are opposite of jerks. Cheers to leaders who stand by their member’s side all the way. Cheers to co-workers who know exactly what to say and says those things with sincerity and pureness. Cheers to people who aren’t bitter enough to laugh on other’s stupidity just to bitch out. Cheers to happy people who can contain their emotions. Cheers to unexpected events. Cheers to not giving up. Cheers to praying. Cheers to life!

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Magpie Modays: A Couch Too Big for One {Re-Post}

A Couch Too Big for One

The dame has been in this scenario for quite some time,

quite forlorn,

unbounded freedom,

mostly unaccompanied.


The space seems too vast for her fragility,

it eats her up,

too vexing,

breeds out a deafening monotony.


Casually, someone would sit for tea,

and she smiles,

elevated happiness,

and temporary highs.


In her mind, she grips his wrist,





But, she snaps back to reality,

he went

and sat

on another red couch.


And she casually brushed her way to the couch’s middle,

sipped her tea,

inhaled deeply,

and bit her tea-stained lip.


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Magpie Mondays: 42 Teacups

42 Teacups

Those moments before dusk,

when the full moon is clearly revealing herself,

I host a tea party.

In the middle of the bloomfields,

where wilted flowers, tied with brown laces

still stood upright to join us.

The three ladies of Grace Adieu —

Cassandra, Miss Tobias and  Mrs Field,

as far away as they could.

From Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell,

who were intently discussing some magic tricks,

which they would work on afterwards.

Miranda, feels the pile of flax

with her weak, little hands.

She sits near the middle, five empty pie plates beside her.

I guess even the ants would waver

to the sweetness at the sight of

Venetia and Captain Fox, who are madly in love as ever.

When everybody has finished their tea

down to the last drop,

they all left without a word.

And I poured the dainty cream pot over.

I stirred and sipped,

Sipped and stirred again.

*Inspired by the Magpie Tales.


The fictional characters that I had tea with are from Susanna Clarke’s The Ladies of Grace Adieu and other stories.

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Magpie Mondays: She stopped

photo by Elena Kalis

I stopped using only half of my heart.

I learned it would only give you nothing,

leaving you in between,

in turmoil, dazed, confused, forever in dawning.


I stopped carrying heavy loads,

I learned it would only bring you down,

withdrawn from the world,

unfazed, oblivious with a frown.


I stopped listing at some point,

I learned it wouldn’t get you anywhere,

goal-driven, yet no action,

slacking, stuck in midair.

*Written for the Magpie Tales.