Journal Entry Excerpts

Excerpt From Journal Entry 06/03/12

I need to shake whatever I am feeling off. It must’ve been the tequila shots from last night. Or the Bacardi shots that followed the tequila shower. But, most certainly it can’t be because of the San Miguel Light that capped the dancing. I can accredit it to the lack of sleep or rather to the one-hour nap which replaced what supposed to be a twelve hour sleep marathon. Caffeine may be to blame too.

Sipped Vanilla Coffee in McDo after logging in to the office. Yeah, my breakfast out was practically a paid activity. Or it could be the working on a Sunday fever. Or… it could be those reckless nights that I have with my untamed side, my imprudent behavior in front of the people that I barely know. Or the thought that once again proves that I am having a tremendously difficult time to stay, err, faithful. Ever since he broke me, I am not totally faithful to him again.