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A Silly Thing to Try

He was hatching monsters on our iPad. We pretend those tiny monsters were our kids. I was reading a blurb of the biography of the man who made lists, checking if it was a potential read.

We were positioned in bed, lying on opposite directions, our heads on the same y-axis point. When I turn to my left I can see his face upside down. Then I started talking to him about this silly thing that I found fascinating ever since I was a child when somebody lies the on the opposite direction as I do.

I would talk to that person and focused on his or her lips. In that perspective, the lower lip become the upper lip and the lower lip became the upper lip. Pretend that the two lips switched position and let the person talk. It is weirdly funny. I told him to think that way and watch me talk and we burst out laughing. It’s like the person you’re talking to has his lower jaw moved forward and upper jaw pushed back.

We started talking like that and then we kissed.

for Magpie Tales, Writing

Magpie Mondays: A Disguised Blessing

photo by Agustin Berrocal


The old, cranky lawyer had knocked on his door,

the will, the testament of his half-brother has been probated.

Luxury cars and the Caribbean was on his mind,

Resigned he did from his current job,

for he believed a thousand bucks would be a penny after this day.

So off he drove to his brother’s mansion,

with the old, cranky lawyer as his companion.

He was led to this half-opened elegantly furnished door,

from the edges of which golden beams escaped.

He couldn’t contain the excitement that his heart carries

and rushed towards the light source.

He grabbed one egg and felt that something is quite not right.

The egg had little craters and weren’t fragile at all.

The old, cranky lawyer whispered,

“He said you loved french fries,” and he walked snickering,

“Don’t count your golden eggs before they hatch, my boy for they might not be eggs at all.”


**Written for the Magpie Tales