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Magpie Mondays: 42 Teacups

42 Teacups

Those moments before dusk,

when the full moon is clearly revealing herself,

I host a tea party.

In the middle of the bloomfields,

where wilted flowers, tied with brown laces

still stood upright to join us.

The three ladies of Grace Adieu —

Cassandra, Miss Tobias and  Mrs Field,

as far away as they could.

From Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell,

who were intently discussing some magic tricks,

which they would work on afterwards.

Miranda, feels the pile of flax

with her weak, little hands.

She sits near the middle, five empty pie plates beside her.

I guess even the ants would waver

to the sweetness at the sight of

Venetia and Captain Fox, who are madly in love as ever.

When everybody has finished their tea

down to the last drop,

they all left without a word.

And I poured the dainty cream pot over.

I stirred and sipped,

Sipped and stirred again.

*Inspired by the Magpie Tales.


The fictional characters that I had tea with are from Susanna Clarke’s The Ladies of Grace Adieu and other stories.

Journal Entry Excerpts, Writing

A Silly Thing to Try

He was hatching monsters on our iPad. We pretend those tiny monsters were our kids. I was reading a blurb of the biography of the man who made lists, checking if it was a potential read.

We were positioned in bed, lying on opposite directions, our heads on the same y-axis point. When I turn to my left I can see his face upside down. Then I started talking to him about this silly thing that I found fascinating ever since I was a child when somebody lies the on the opposite direction as I do.

I would talk to that person and focused on his or her lips. In that perspective, the lower lip become the upper lip and the lower lip became the upper lip. Pretend that the two lips switched position and let the person talk. It is weirdly funny. I told him to think that way and watch me talk and we burst out laughing. It’s like the person you’re talking to has his lower jaw moved forward and upper jaw pushed back.

We started talking like that and then we kissed.